Scott Kenney, Director of OPerations

There are those of us who are built for numbers and spreadsheets, details and checklists, systems and organization, many of whom are quite content to sit quietly in that space and produce with those talents. But then there’s someone like Scott who possesses these talents at the highest level, yet they are coupled with a fire to work with others to see their growth explode through his guidance and help. Helping others through leadership and service is what makes Scott an indispensable asset to clients and team members alike. The person he is makes him so much fun to be around no matter what the occasion.


Kristina Murphy, Transaction Coordinator

There are many people who talk about finding balance in life, fewer who strive to find it, and even fewer who live a life designed to be in balance. Kristina is without question one of the most balanced people you will meet. Life experiences shape us into who we are, and Kristina has certainly had her share, but what impresses you more than anything is her uncanny ability to step back from it all and calmly chose her next step. Whether it’s thinking globally and acting locally, tying together thousands of loose ends on a daily basis for a real estate company, or committing time for herself equally with time for her family and others, her gift is her ability to see and feel the enormity around us, and act in a finite way with purpose and balance.