Kristen DiCarlo

When asked why a career in real estate was the right choice for her, Kristen said, “I’m a Realtor because I’ve always enjoyed working with people. It’s a ten thousand piece puzzle, and sometimes it’s just about connecting the right pieces, or in our case, connecting the right people”. It’s her attention to detail, patience, and persistence that brings immense value to Kristen’s clients, ultimately exceeding their highest expectations.


Marco rossi

When the passion for your career burns as hot as the engine in an American muscle car, you know you’ve found your calling. And when Marco isn’t putting his heart and soul into his clients, he’s putting his foot on the gas pedal of something incredibly cool and fun to drive. Marco found his way into real estate and has realized great success, because he loves the relationships he forms and nurtures as a result of his work. It’s this care, passion, and energy that makes working with Marco such a powerful and fulfilling experience.


Mishelle Freire-Jones

Mishelle’s path through life has given her a global perspective that guides her by keeping her focused on family and life, instead of self serving endeavors. Mishelle understands how the smallest of things can carry the biggest meaning, and the power of bringing people together around a shared idea can be transformative. Sometimes a person’s perspective can be their most valuable asset, and it’s this strength of Mishelle’s that makes her an impactful and enlightening person to work with.


Shae Parker

With a background and passion for design, Shae understands deeply how colors, materials, art, form and layout, and bringing all this together in the right combination has a deep effect on people and how they live. When you can see how a space will provide an experience for a person, and you take the time to understand how a person wants to experience there life, the power of bringing those two things together is incredible. Helping people connect with these experiences is why Shae has a passion for real estate, and it’s her gifted eye that helps her client’s find and position themselves for success.


Dawn Bray

If you picture a setting outdoors, maybe near a rustic beach, with a gathering of people all enjoying a shared meal and the company of others, you’re picturing Dawn’s ‘happy place’. Being part of a connected web of people, and enhancing the quality of the connections, whether it be with food, service, or laughter, is who Dawn is at her essence. Dawn always starts her work with her clients from a place of curiosity so she can get to know them as a person. It’s Dawn’s natural understanding of this that allows her to bring an incredibly high level of personal service to her clients. Not only does she succeed for them with this approach, ultimately everyone is better for it.


Jason Taylor


Kellee Jones