Our Story



Community & Council is a new kind of real estate firm. Created with the idea that everything in the home buying and selling process is rooted in creating meaningful, personal connections. We value building reciprocal and resilient relationships, and the importance of giving back to our shared communities.

Community & Council is focused on understanding your individual and family needs, finding out what’s important to you and matching you with the right Agent to build trust and confidence.

Our technology, process and our partnerships are designed with one thing in mind: real estate with a human touch. We understand buying and selling homes is not just about bricks and mortar.  We understand making the biggest investment in your life is about personal fulfillment. 

Everything is personal to us at Community & Council because we want you to Feel at Home.


Feel at Home

"The reason I got into real estate is the reason I’m still in it today: it’s about people. Yes, I’m fascinated with technology, data, systems, contract law, negotiations, and building & strengthening teams with all these legos, but all these blocks are founded on one simple idea. It’s the commitment to being fiduciaries to our clients and always placing their interests above all other interests."

— Ryan Graham, Founder, Community & Council

Our History

Community & Council Residential Realty is founded by Ryan Graham, co-founder and principle of The Graham Seeby Group.  Ryan and his team were named #1 in sales for the Keller Williams Southeast Region in 2016 and 2017, and #2 in sales for the Keller Williams Southeast Region in 2018

Ryan is on a mission to create a real estate company that is focused on people.  

For Agents, he is creating tools that enable and empower his teams to create work life balance and identify their personal “why” by setting goals and mapping to their “why” goals.  

For clients, it all dovetails back to community.  Helping clients find the right community at the right time to meet their needs.

For partners, Community & Council is aligned with like minded organizations to promote mutually beneficial common goals that are sustainable for the long term.


Our Vision

With nearly twenty years, helping clients buy and sell homes, Ryan is setting out to build a new kind of real estate firm, “We are all a part of something bigger, a community. We are all guided by a deeper truth, a council.”

  • We want to make a positive difference in people’s lives and in our shared communities.

  • With everything we do we seek to prioritize people first.   

  • We aim to serve uniquely, focusing on our human connections.  

  • Our teams and tools are designed with individual needs in mind, accessible, approachable and customized for you.

  • Because making an investment to buy a home is important, and you should Feel at Home.